Main Area


Awareness & Visibility Creation

  • Introduce friends to Isha Vidhya (Awareness Creation),
  • ¬†Develop content for Newsletter, Blog, Annual Report, Website pages
  • Design mailers, newsletter, posters, brochures & fund-raising web pages for various campaigns
  • Website re-design
  • Document student profiles & transformations
  • Video films: script, videograph, edit videos about Isha Vidhya.
  • Help prepare fund-raising proposals


  • Collect books, CDs, DVDs other educational aids which families have but whose children have outgrown the use of
  • Assisting with documentation & digitization of: Methodologies, lesson plans, training modules.
  • Providing talks/ demos on topics of interest to children (could be any topic of interest, not just curriculum related)
  • Identifying/helping slow learners (if suitably qualified)
  • Screen/ evaluate digital content already available for quality
  • Join as a Teacher

Fund Raising

  • Start fund raising campaigns,
  • Provide leads and contacts for fund raising
  • Participate in Marathons for fund raising
  • Identify and link us to people who can supply materials required in school at low / free of cost

Govt. School Intervention Project

  • Research, Brainstorm & Design curriculum for non-academic areas like Sports,¬† Arts & Crafts, Health/Nutrition/Hygiene, Environment, Music, etc
  • Documentation & Digitisation of these
  • Training module creation for the above and other academic modules

Virtual School Project

  • Research and identification of digital content from the net ¬†supplement classroom teaching mapped to curriculum,
  • Screen / Rate content already available on the net and evaluate suitability, quality


  • Help develop IT systems for donor feedback, accounting, scholarship management, student info, communications, etc.
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