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Educating Rural India August 2013
Zonal Level Sports meet:
Twenty four girl students from Vanavasi School participated in the Zonal level sports meet. They took part in Junior level Kabadi matches and Senior level Volley matches and won the runners up position in the Volley Ball match. PT teacher Ms. Thangaponnu trained the students.
Medical Camp at Nagercoil School:
A weeklong medical camp was held in Nagercoil School from 2nd July to 6th July for students and staff members. Students upto 3rd std were accompanied by their parents to help get correct data. Telephone calls were made to those students' parents who didn't come initially to ensure 100% attendance and testing.

Besides immunization, tests for Development Assessment, Physical Examination, Nutritional Status, Congenital Defects, E.N.T. / Tonsillitis / Aural Discharge / D N S / hearing Impairment and Speech Defect were conducted for all the students. De-worming medicines were administered to all students as the incidence of worms in stomach was found to be very high.

A few Primary class students were found to be suffering from malnutrition. Some students were called for a follow up at the hospital while students with serious problems were referred to appropriate doctors.
Colour Day celebration at Cuddalore School:
LKG students of Cuddalore School celebrated Colours Day where white colour was chosen as the theme of the activity. Students were instructed to dress in white coloured garments but parents were also asked not to purchase new clothes as it may burden them. This additional instruction was essential as many parents are not financially well-off and unexpected expense is a drain on their budget.

Surprisingly most of the students came dressed in white clothes. We were happy about the involvement of the parents in school activities as this is one area we have been working on to improve and excel.

Students were also instructed to get white coloured objects. These could be vegetables, clothes, household items, toys etc. In the school these items were displayed together. Kids learnt to recognise white colour in random objects. This reinforced the process of identifying colours in all aspects of life rather than as colour pencils.
Fruits Day Celebration at Cuddalore School:
Fruits Day was organized for 1st std students as part of activity for the science lesson 'Fruits'. Parents were asked to send couple of fruits with their child for the Fruits Day. The response was overwhelming and especially remarkable given that most parents consider fruits as a luxury item. The class became fragrant like a fruit bazaar.

The students learned the name of the fruits, the vitamins and minerals found in them and their nutritive value. The also learned about the importance of choosing fruits over junk food items. Later in the afternoon, fruits were cut and distributed among students, teachers and non-teaching staff members. The fruit treat was the perfect way to end a delightful day.
UKG celebrates Family Day:
A Family Day was created for UKG students of Cuddalore School. They came dressed as father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt etc. and created scenarios depicting joint and nuclear family. The classroom was transformed into a home where each member enacted traditional roles of family members.

Both students and teachers enjoyed the program. Students learnt the crucial differences between joint and nuclear family and also the need to respect elders.
Investiture Ceremony at Villupuram School:
Isha Vidhya Villupuram School selected its school captain, vice captain and house captain based on leadership ability, sports and communication skills of the candidates along with academic performance. Teachers Mr. Anthony, Ms. Gowthami and Ms. Siva Shankari conducted the evaluation process.

Abirami S., from IX std was selected as the school captain while Vijaya Kumar M. of 7th std became the school vice -captain. The school students were also allocated school houses. The captains of four houses for the year 2013 – 2014 are SamskirthiKeerthika R., Shambavi - Barani. S, Bhairavi - Vigneshwara and ShakthiSushmitha K.An investiture ceremony to announce the leaders and conduct the oath taking process was held in the school.

With the right leader, people of a group grow in the right direction and prosper well. We wish the young leaders wisdom and compassion so that they will perform their duties well and reach their goals.
Birthday Celebration at Villupuram School:
Generally birthdays are celebrated by wearing new clothes and distributing sweets to friends. Since the occasion is a way of thanksgiving for life, Villupuram School's 9th std students came up with an innovative idea. Three of the students who were celebrating their birthday in the month chose to donate Tamil books to the School Library instead of distributing sweets to their classmates.

Birthday students contributed the cash they would have otherwise spent on sweets to a kitty that their classmates and teachers also donated money to. From this fund, they bought Tamil books required urgently in the library. The kids have shown a way for other students in the school. We hope other students would get inspired by this gesture.
Field Trip to Fields at Nagercoil School:
8th std students of Nagercoil School went for a trip to fields near their school. They chatted with the farmers to learn about the process of farming, soil fertility, types of seeds used by them and process of crop rotation. The trip was organized to give them a chance to learn about farming directly from those who practiced it on a daily basis and also to enjoy the beautiful fields.
Kamarajar Birthday Celebration at Cuddalore School:
Isha Vidhya Cuddalore School celebrated literacy day on birthday of Kamraj, ex-Chief Minister, Tamil Nadu. School Principal, Ms. Chitralekha, spoke about his life and achievements in the assembly. In the afternoon, a drawing competition was held and students were asked to draw the portrait of Kamarajar. About 20 students from 4thstd onwards participated in the competition. The students surprised the teachers by drawing unexpectedly beautiful pictures.
Interschool Competition on Diabetes:
Students of Isha Vidhya Erode participated in the Inter School Competition on Diabetes, conducted by Rajendran Mat.Hr. Sec School. 150 students from about 20 schools participated, of which 10 were from IV Erode School. The event was organized to increase awareness about Diabetes among school going children. Various competitions were held combining the topic with interesting activity.

Erode school students were guided by science teacher Mrs. Sujatha and Mrs. Latha Sugumar and coordinators Vanitha and Jagadeesh in their preparation for the competition. Kavitha (9th std), Varsha (9th std), Mahala (8th std) and Kousalya (8th std) won prizes. Congratulations!
Saturday Activities:
Saturday activities were started in Coimbatore School including volleyball, Hindi language, Dance, Abacus training and Music.
Kite making at Isha Vidhya Cuddalore:
First standard children have a lesson in English on 'Kites'. As part of learning activities, students were asked to make kites during the weekend and bring them to school on Monday. All the students, with no exception, came with beautiful kites made with available materials at home.
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