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From the Editor
A school becomes a place of learning when the methodology practiced encourages the students to explore, imbibe, question, analyse and draw conclusions which are open to fresh inputs and subsequent change.

The teaching methodology at Isha Vidhya schools lays emphasis on practical learning and greater community interaction. Environmental learning, an important aspect of the curriculum, is supplemented with participation in the Project GreenHands (PGH). A number of Isha Vidhya schools run PGH nursery where students learn about our close relationship with trees. They have the opportunity to contribute in the PGH, which aims to reverse the extensive deforestation that has taken place in India.

Enthusiastic students have embraced the program to become its ardent brand ambassadors. They share their knowledge and possibility with people in local communities, who then participate by gifting saplings during celebratory occasions like weddings, club functions, house-warming ceremonies.

Creating quality education is not the sole activity that we are engaged in. We are also bringing about transformation at local community level so that each one contributes to building a responsible society. Join us if this happens to be your dream too.
Feature: New Approach to Admin Training
The admin workshop was held from 23rd to 25th Sep at Vanavasi School. This time, the participants themselves took the workshop. Each admin team member was asked to prepare a topic that was part of regular admin activities at schools, under the guidance of trainer Vanitha.

Initially the participants were extremely tense and unsure as this was the first time they were going to train others. Some started preparing for the workshop a week before it was to be held. The thought of standing in front of others as trainer made many skip meals to pack in maximum preparation. The wonderful aspect of this was that each person discussed their topic with other team members and sought their inputs. Even for accounts related topics, they reached out to the accounts department to ensure comprehensive preparation for the session.

The participants were asked to jot down all the points in a word file and work with Central Team member, Jagadesh, to prepare power-point presentations. But here too they surprised the training team. Coimbatore School admin team were the first to send the presentation on their topic. The presentation was near perfect and beautiful. Enthusiasm levels of other teams increased manifold and they started working doubly hard to make their presentation the best!

During the workshop each team handled their topic on their own, with minimal intervention from the central training team. Only when some aspect of the topic was missed out did the trainers interject. Since each topic was presented by working admin team members, they could offer practical solutions that were readily accepted by all.

The participants enjoyed all the sessions as each was presented by a different person, with a different presentation style. The workshop revealed the strengths of the participants and also surprised them by making them aware of their own capabilities, far beyond what they credited themselves with. The participants were also extremely delighted to receive praise from their family and friends for successfully conducting training on their own.

Each day, after training session, participants relaxed by playing games, singing around campfire and sharing stories. On the 2nd day they even visited a Shiva temple named 'Someshwarar temple'.
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Run a Book Drive: Books open up a new world to our children.

Books are powerful tools that a reader can employ to learn, practice and dream. They supplement the work of the teachers. We are constantly working to increase the stock of books in the school library wide range of books – Encyclopaedias, travel, photography, fiction, biographies and workbooks.

Old issues of National Geographic magazines were recently donated to Vanavasi School. The students eagerly peruse these magazines to scan for articles on science, countries and more. The pictures and the information - all of them create a wonder world for kids who have not gone beyond their villages.

We need volunteers who would donate books, both used and new, and volunteers who would run a book drive in their office, school, club, neighbourhood or family. It is easy to run book drive – ask known people to donate books that they are not using but useful for school students. The books need to be in English or Tamil but can be on any subject, fiction, reference, general knowledge or even children’s magazines. Only request is to ensure that the books are in good condition.

If you want to start a book drive or have books that you can donate (and transport to Coimbatore/Chennai) please contact us at asmita.sinha@ishavidhya.org.

To find out about other volunteering opportunities, please register* as a Friend of Isha Vidhya.

*The registration process will take less than a minute.
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Donations and Investments
Critical requirements:We urgently need to build at least 34 classrooms to accommodate the students who will join in the academic year 2014 – 2015. Toilet blocks are also needed to service this increase in students in each school. The classrooms and toilet block construction has to start by next month and the construction completed by May 2014.

Construction of classrooms and toilet blocks ensure possibility of education for several generation of students. It is a debt that we pay to the society for having supported us in our education path. We invite corporates and individuals to help us create this infrastructure for the section of society that was left behind in India's growth as a nation.

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For inquiries or more information about donations, please email at donations@ishavidhya.org. To donate online please visit: http://www.ishavidhya.org/donate-now/financial-donation.html.

Information about other requirements and donation opportunities is available here
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