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Running the Organic Kitchen Garden at Isha Vidhya schools has been our long standing dream. It will not only help us in meeting kitchen expenses while providing best quality food to our students but also inspire in our students the love of growing produce with their own hands. Deforestation is taking place at a rapid pace because we have become disconnected from the process of growing plants.

Each school is being tested for its local soil condition and plants are being chosen that would grow best in them. The process of cultivating the kitchen garden is being integrated with lessons in Environmental Studies so that the students learn about macro concepts and how to implement them locally. We are hoping that by building an Organic Kitchen Garden in each school, we will inspire our students to start something at home or in the local community. Sujatha Sen, a volunteer, is leading this project. She will be travelling to schools and working with the school management and the teachers to get it running. If you are interested in volunteering for this effort, please send an email to Sujatha at sujatha.sens@gmail.com.
Feature: Cisco partners to create Learning Material
Isha Vidhya was registered as an NGO partner at Cisco Systems recently. As Cisco has a large employee base in Bangalore with education being a focus area in their CSR activities, this partnership has the possibility of becoming a massive corporate support for us.

An event was organized by Cisco at their premises, where about 88 employees came together to create learning material for Isha Vidhya Schools. The employees created learning material from paper, plastic pipes, by colouring, cutting out, creating cards, etc. The quality of the volunteers' drawings and write-ups was amazing. Many of them really became kids while drawing and coloring pictures; they remembered their own school time.

The volunteers made multiple sets of Learning Material Kits for kindergarten to 8th standard kids. These materials help the students understand the subjects better as they involve multi-sensory learning - students see, touch and handle the materials themselves, which helps to build a strong foundation of the concepts.

The teachers normally spend several days making such learning material. By volunteering, Cisco employees have saved teachers a lot of time, which can be devoted to creating lesson plans and other class activities based on the syllabus.

The commitment of the employees, their zeal for creating beautiful learning material and the amazing “bonhomie” amongst them, created a delightful atmosphere for all. We look forward to partnering in several such initiatives with Cisco and other corporations.
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Strengthening the English language capabilities of Isha Vidhya teachers: Our school teachers are constantly trained to ensure high teaching standards in Isha Vidhya classrooms. In this connected world, the English language has emerged as the preferred language of interaction within India and in the global economy.

We are starting an "English Language Improvement Program" at Isha Vidhya schools to help our teachers improve their written and oral English. If you are fluent in English, you could help make the program a success. We need volunteers to support with guiding teachers with written as well as with oral communication. For more details, click here

If you would like to take this challenging but fulfilling assignment, please drop us a mail at alka.colagiuri@ishavidhya.org.

We have several other volunteering opportunities too. To know about them, please register* as a Friend of Isha Vidhya.

*The registration process will take less than a minute.
Donations and Investments
Critical requirements: Another month is left of the school holidays, during which we need to prepare for the new academic year. Several classrooms need to be built and equipped to welcome the newly graduated batch of 10th grade students.

Tenth grade is a crucial year for the students studying in India, as, at the end of the year they have to make choice between the Science, the Commerce and the Arts stream. Tenth standard grades carry value in their selection in higher studies courses.

We hope you will help us meet the requirements. If you have any corporate leads who would like to sponsor any of these materials or who can inspire friends and colleagues to donate some of them, please send us an email at donations@ishavidhya.org.

Click here for details

For inquiries or more information about donations, please email at donations@ishavidhya.org. To donate online please visit: http://www.ishavidhya.org/donate-now/financial-donation.html.

You can also sponsor a child's education or donate for other requirements. Details are available here
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