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Educating Rural India August 2014
Teachers win awards
From the Editor
Ever since he has been elected, India's PM has been addressing issues like sanitation and education. It ties in well with our mission but it's a long road ahead. We know the challenges in translating good intention and dedicated action into measurable impact.

Our first batch of students have reached the 10th Std, a landmark in their educational journey. They will be giving secondary school board exams at the end of the academic year and then choosing their line of specialization. We want to be ready with the infrastructure that will support their dreams.

We need to construct 47 classrooms to accommodate 11th and 12th Std students and the specialized labs for these classes. We also need to furnish the classes and equip the labs. GiveIndia's India Giving Challenge , the biggest online fund-raising event is our opportunity to raise funds for this expenditure. Support us by spreading the word and inspiring your friends, family and colleagues to contribute.

Together we can provide a future to underserved rural children. Come, educate India.

Isha Vidhya Team
Feature: Medical Camp
Medical facilities are rarely availed by large chunk of our students as they cannot afford it. Most of the students have malnutrition at the time of enrolling in our schools. Our well-balanced, nutritious midday meals go a long way in countering malnutrition. We also partner with medical colleges or hospitals to run medical camps at our schools annually.

Erode school organized a free medical camp for its students, their parents and general public. The camp was conducted by IRT Perundurai Medical College.

All basic medical tests were conducted and treatment given at our school location. Parents were guided to approach the hospital in cases where further testing or treatment was required. Basic health guidelines for girl students, ladies and elderly was also shared by the team.

Adolescence is a very delicate stage when the young people need guidance about several issues. The team from the medical college took a separate session on life skills, health and hygiene for 8th to 10th Std students.

Feedback from parents and other locals who had come for the camp was positive. They were very appreciative of the arrangements and the usefulness of health and hygiene talk. Thank you ,IRT Perundurai Medical College, for holding the camp at our school.
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Donations and Investments
Critical requirements:

Several surveys over the years have proved that despite efforts to provide educational opportunity to all the children, the level of literacy and numeracy is abysmally low. Within couple of years of running schools we realized that classroom teaching was not going to be enough for underprivileged rural kids. They lacked a stimulating home environment, and access to tools like computers or brain-games was next to nil.

Learning material kits, scientifically designed toys containing concepts in line with curriculum, have proved to be a game changer. Our students love to pick them up and solve them, and in doing so learn many concepts. The fear of learning has disappeared with their use.

Each year we need to replenish and expand our collection of kits to cater to new students and address more topics. The cost is large. We are hoping that companies and individuals would sponsor them for our nine Isha Vidhya schools and 40 government schools adopted under GSAP program.
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