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Educating Rural India October 2014
Elections at Tuticorin School:
Tuticorin School held elections for Student Pupil Leader (SPL) and Assistant Student Pupil Leader (ASPL).

Students from 8th and 9th Std could be nominated for the SPL post while those from 6th and 7th Std could be nominated for the post of ASPL. Rules and regulations, in line with state elections, were explained during the assembly.

Nominees could canvas till 48 hours before elections and all students from 4th class onwards had the right to vote. Three Election Commissioners took care of the proceeding on election day. The students stood for their chance to vote in a line, entering the booth one by one, voting and getting their finger inked.

Praveen of 8th Std was elected as SPL and Akshadha of 6th Std was elected as ASPL. Congratulations to both of them!
Celebrating Joy of Giving:
Each year Cuddalore School celebrates 'Joy of Giving' week, held in October. This year too they invited the students to participate.

Students were told that they could write a wish on a piece of paper and give the slip to the class teacher. The wish had to be something affordable but one that their family could not fulfill. Class teachers compiled these wishes into lists which consisted of things like color box, geometry box, note book etc.

The wish lists were then shared during assembly, after which students who wanted to fulfill these wishes gave their name. On gifting day wide smiles could be seen on faces of both the receiver and those who had gifted the wished-for items. The day became sweeter when the Canadian students, who are visiting school to teach English, sang a song on gifting.

The program is conducted every year so that students realize that the process of gifting brings immense joy, irrespective of the value and that no one is so poor that they cannot gift a smile.
Villupuram School celebrates Grandparents' Day:

Villupuram School celebrated Grandparents' Day to make the elders a part of their grandkids education. Grandparents of students from 1st to 3rd Standards were invited for the program. We received an overwhelming response and more than 125 grandparents turned up.

The multi-purpose hall was decorated with quotes celebrating grandparents. Pictures of grandparents were displayed on chart papers and hung around the hall.

Several games were conducted involving grandparents and students. It was wonderful to see the grandparents participating with enthusiasm. Our school was echoing with laughter and shrieks of delights. At end of the program, prizes were distributed and this ended a wonderful day.
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