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Educating Rural India December 2014
Tuticorin School Elections
From the Editor
It is an exciting and also a stressful time for us at the school level. Our first batch of 10th Std students will be appearing for the government board exams. Being first generation learners, this is a major milestone for them. Many have heard stories about papers being tough, the marking being still tougher and this has scared them.

The schools are reaching out to volunteers who are expert teachers to help the students prepare well for the exams. Four of the 30 government schools we had adopted last year under GSAP program had posted 100% result. Our schools are determined to match this with a better percentage of students in higher division.

We look forward to good wishes and support from all of you. Our students will need practical training to be industry-ready before they complete their schooling, and we hope you will help by recommending them for internship positions.
Isha Vidhya Team
Feature: Dharmapuri School gets cooking
Dharmapuri School inaugurated its Kitchen on 10th December 2014! What a memorable day it was for the entire school.

Isha Vidhya kitchens are planned meticulously while keeping each big and small aspect in mind. Cleanliness is given primary importance along with no-waste policy. Each meal is planned in accordance with medically approved nutrition levels and the dishes are appealing to the palate of the region.

An inauguration of the kitchen was planned with guests like Mr. J.P. Nagarajan, M.D. Two Cats Match industries and Mrs. Koperundevi, Special Thasildar. Mr Nagarajan also invited his friends and well-known social workers Mr. Manickam and Mr. Jagannathan. Volunteers, who play an important role in the functioning of our schools, were also invited to join us on our big day. Despite it being a working day, 20 volunteers were present to celebrate the occasion!

The kitchen was put into operation after performing Guru Puja. The first meal was cooked in front of the guests, who appreciated the thought and execution behind creating an efficient kitchen. KG kids who had been looking forward to eating meals from their school kitchen, waited excitedly for the noon-break gong. Plates were given to the kids but they reined in their excitement to first offer the prayer, as they have been taught.

Finally the food was served.

250 students, 20 volunteers, 10 Chief Guests, 24 Teachers, 7 ayamas and drivers enjoyed the noon meal. The best part was that the quantity of food was perfect. Not a single morsel was wasted.

We thank our donors, school coordinators and volunteers who made this possible. May the fire in our kitchen continue to feed the bellies of our kids as they pursue knowledge and better living.
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English Improvement Program

Our schools are located in rural areas so most of teachers also belong to rural areas. Even though they are highly committed and motivated, they need a little support to improve their command over English.

We are running English Improvement Program to help our teachers get a better grasp on both written and spoken English. Each volunteer is assigned a teacher so that they can mentor them weekly through telephone calls and written assignments.

Not more than 2-3 hours per week is the time is required to participate in the program. If interested, please mail at asmita.sinha@ishavidhya.org to indicate your availability. We have many ideas but not enough hands to execute them. Join us, Today!

We have several other volunteering opportunities too. To know about them, please register* as a Friend of Isha Vidhya.

*The registration process will take less than a minute.
Donations and Investments
Critical requirements:

In October we had asked for sponsorship of classrooms that need to be constructed to accommodate the senior secondary classes.

Round Table, Coimbatore North has promised to partly sponsor 4 classrooms at Coimbatore School. Bhumi pujan was conducted on 16th December 2014.

You can join us in sponsoring construction of 47 classrooms in individual capacity or as a company. You can also help by connecting us with organizations, which want to donate towards education of underprivileged children. These classrooms will provide education to thousands of children for decades to come. Mail us at prabhu.loganathan@ishavidhya.org for more information or partnering.
For inquiries or more information about donations, email at donations@ishavidhya.org. To donate online please visit here
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