I am Magesh, my son Sakthivel, is a student in Upper Kindergarten (UKG) at Isha Vidhya, Nagercoil. Last year he did his Lower Kindergarten in another school where he was given so much homework he never had time to do anything else. And even his hygiene was very poor. I have always wanted to put my son in a school with quality education, but it didn’t know how I could do this because my income is very low and just sufficient to meet our day to day needs. This past year, I heard about Isha Vidhya, so immediately I admitted my son there for UKG. He has been given a Scholarship, and all my worries about his future vanished. In just the past 6 months, I can see improvement in his handwriting, organization, discipline and hygiene. The teachers and management at the school are very humble and helpful in answering any questions we have. I thank Sadhguru, the management, principal and the teachers of Isha Vidhya for the help and sincere service they are providing us.

K. Magesh, parent of Sakthivel
Isha Vidhya School, Nagercoil

We are very poor. To educate my two daughters in a matriculation school is my lifelong dream. The schools in my locality other than Isha Vidhya are being run with a business motive. Sadhguru has made my dream a reality through his blessings in the form of Isha Vidhya School! You have given the scholarship amount to my child. My family members and I will be grateful to you throughout our life, and we convey our regards and thanks to you in abundance.

Parent of T.Harishka
Isha Vidhya School, Perumapalayam

We write this with heartfelt thanks! We are thankful to the institution and the donors for providing a scholarship to our daughter. It’s a great help for us. We will be thankful to you forever!

S.Sekar, parent of S.Sugeertha
Isha Vidhya School, Perumapalayam

“I’m running a tea shop. When I admitted my daughter in this school, my relatives and neighbors laughed at me, asking how I would be able to afford having my child study in a matriculation school. My income is very low and in matriculation schools the fees are high. I told them that my daughter may get a scholarship and based on this I have admitted her. But they said no matriculation schools give scholarships and this is surely a false advertisement. I trusted in Isha Vidhya and now my daughter has been awarded a scholarship! Seeing this, those who laughed at me last year are now trying to admit their children in Isha Vidhya for the upcoming academic year.”

Mr. C. Thangavelu, parent of T.Harishka
Isha Vidhya School, Perumapalayam

“My husband is no more. I work as an agricultural coolie. The scholarship program has changed my daughter’s life. My family and I are so happy to see my daughter studying in an English-medium school!”

Mrs. Baby, parent of S.Dhanusiya Preethi
Isha Vidhya School, Perumapalayam

“I’m a barber by profession. Only because of this scholarship program is my daughter Sunmathi able to study in this type of English-medium school with computer facilities. She is the first one in my family to study in a matriculation school! I thank the Isha Institution for providing a scholarship to my daughter.”

Mr.Rangasami, parent of Sunmathi
Isha Vidhya School, Perumapalayam