Why Scholarships


Isha Vidhya provides high quality education at very low costs. However, even minimal fees are unaffordable for many rural families. With parents engaged in entry level positions and working as laborers, carpenters, field workers, construction workers, and street vendors, income is inconsistent and varies based on the season and demand for employment. Even with two wage earners in the family, income is often insufficient for meeting basic household and dietary requirements. Even minimal school fees strain already limited budgets, forcing families to cut expenditures in other areas such as food, medicine and clothing.

The reality of this situation necessitated the development of a scholarship program. Isha Vidhya’s scholarships/sponsorships are entirely need-based.
There are four options available to a donor:
1) Full educational support (Rs.26,000 / $480 / £300 per year) covers tuition, books, note-books, nutritional health supplement, noon-meal, transport and uniform.
2) Scholarship program (Rs.15,000 / $240 / £150 per year) which covers tuition, books, note-books and health supplement.
3) Transport Subsidy (Rs.6,300 / $130 / £80 per year)
4) Noon-meal Subsidy (Rs.4,000 / $72 / £45 per year)

The scholarships represent a truly life-changing opportunity for many of our students. However, the number of students in need of scholarship assistance currently outstrips our supply of funds, which is limited to the amount of donations received. In order to ensure that our scholarships are distributed to the families most in need, a comprehensive scholarship allocation process is followed. It is our goal to make this process completely transparent to our donors.