The Deliverables

By providing a continuous stream of qualified personnel to take India to a level of self-sustenance, the Isha Vidhya schools will be a vital contribution to India’s growth.


Isha Vidhya is committed to providing the following:

The establishment of:

  • A scalable school model that delivers high quality, affordable education within the constraints of local resources
  • An education guarantee that relies less on teacher qualification and more on tools and methodology
  • An optimized, standardized school infrastructure setup that results in lowered costs
Rural youth who are:
  • Academically, physically and mentally capable of facing any situation with confidence and ease
  • Confident, English-speaking and computer-skilled
  • Capable of participating in the IT sector, service industry or higher education
  • Joyous individuals with character, team spirit, dedication, self-reliance and self esteem